A month of moisture… A Natural Hair experiment

Hi Naturalistas -

I am about 15 months post relaxer and I pretty much went the entire summer without using any heat on my hair. It wasn’t a purposeful thing but done more out of necessity. I work out about 5 or 6 days per week so it wasn’t really useful for me to maintain straight hair. Moreover, I’m starting to believe that straight styles age me – mainly because my hair isn’t properly shaped- and I didn’t really experience any real growth until this summer which I attribute to my “heat-less summer”. So after getting a major trim back to shoulder length, I decided to make this no-heat thing official. For the month of September, I will not be using any heat or shampoo. I will use conditioning cleansers or co-wash a few times a week but shampoo will be a no-go for me unless my hair starts to look greasy. This challenge will serve a dual-experimental purpose for me – 1) I would like to see if co-washing would truely provides my hair with much needed moisture; 2) I can start to thin out my stash of conditioners! In a future post, I’ll provide a length check – I can’t seem to find a tape measure – so I can provide a good benchmark.

According to Beauty Brains, a good conditioning shampoo should contain the following -

“Ingredients in conditioner that clean hair

You might be wondering what ingredients in conditioners clean hair. The primary cleaning ingredients are also the primary conditioning ingredients. Cationic surfactants are the cleaning/conditioning ingredients in conditioners. Look for these ingredients in your conditioner for cleansing.

Behentrimonium Methosulfate *
Dicetyldimonium Chloride *
Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine *
Cetrimonium Chloride
Stearyalkonium Chloride

Tresemme Naturals and V05 seem to fit the bill so I’ll be using those for this experiment. Feel free to join me in this challenge and contact me with your results!

God Bless,

Mocha Curls

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4 thoughts on “A month of moisture… A Natural Hair experiment

  1. it seems we are all experimenting with our hair :-) I’m doing the greenhouse effect (and loving it). I also don’t use heat but I flat ironed last week and it was a flop. It just looks so lifeless and limp. I love natural curls so I won’t be flat ironing any time soon. I’ll save flat ironing for the winter when there’s no humidity and when I just want to see how long my hair is! currently, just past bra strap length. Waist length here I come lol

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