Biotin – Review

I’ve been using biotin faithfully for about two years.  At that time, I experienced a lot of breakage due to self-relaxing and I was looking for a quick fix to regrow my lost tresses.  According to the scientific community there is no such thing as a “quick fix” to promote hair growth , but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that supports the benefits of biotin in regards to growing hair so I decided to give it at shot.

From the Beauty Brains -

” Debunking hair care myths

Myth: There’s a magic pill (or oil, serum or balm) to grow our hair faster, stronger or thicker. Unfortunately, no. Hair growth is genetically predetermined and controlled by our hormones. Unless the magic pill affects our genes or hormones, there’s no hope that it might make our hair grow.”

Although I regained much of my hair back – only to lose it again due to my visits to Dominican salons – I’m still not sure that I can credit my growth to biotin.  But I can attest to the fact that biotin has improved my skin and I no longer get those pesky hangnails.  I have eczema and between biotin and a good moisturizer, I haven’t really suffered from any flareups.  When I miss a dosage or two, they start to return so for that reason alone I will continue to use it.

I’m not loyal to any particular brand but initially I would purchase via Amazon until I started to notice it at my local stores.  The brand in the picture was purchased at Costco and I probably won’t be purchasing it again primarily because they were like horse pills and I would have to take 3 a day.  There are a number of other essential vitamins included but I take a multi-vitamin so I’m covered in that area.  I’m currently taking a brand that were purchased at Trader Joe’s and so far its a winner.

God Bless -

Mocha Curls

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