Woman goes 5 years without Shampoo

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Interesting article from the Today show – a woman blogs about her experiences going “no-poo” for five years!


Video: A woman who says she hasn’t used shampoo on her hair in five years cites the excess chemicals in shampoo as her reasoning. Her routine consists of two rinses each week.

Many of us follow the “lather, rinse and repeat” shampoo instructions every time we shower. But how would your hair look if you stopped using shampoo completely?

Skipping shampoo is not a new trend, but in a blog post Jacquelyn Byers says she has been “no poo” for five years because she wanted to avoid the excess chemicals.

“My hair is softer, less greasy and a prettier color since I stopped using shampoo,” she says.

At first, she tried organic and natural shampoos but found they were expensive and contained a list of unfamiliar ingredients. She opted for baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Unsatisfied with the results, she decided to skip the lather altogether and rinse with water twice a week (and occasionally comb). She plans to continue not using shampoo indefinitely.

On the Fourth Hour of TODAY Wednesday, co-host Hoda Kotb confessed to going a week without washing her hair. But for co-host Kathie Lee Gifford, that’s a recipe for stinkiness. “I’m not trying to put the lady down, but after two days a head starts to smell to me,” Kathie Lee said.

Has anyone ever suggested Jacquelyn that her hair smells or looks dirty?

“Never, I am continually complimented on how soft and beautiful my hair looks,” Jacquelyn told TODAY.

If you decide to try the no-shampoo hair diet, Jacquelyn recommends allowing your hair a few months to adjust.

“I would highly recommend everyone try it, or if they don’t want to try it, at least educate themselves on what is in the products they are using,” she says.

Olive oil infusions

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I was speaking with a fellow naturalista at work, who I might add has bar none the most healthy head of blond hair I’ve ever seen in my life, and she shared her favorite winter moisturizing secret – olive oil infusions! Its essentially a pre-poo but she believes that its the key to maintaining her healthy locks. Healthy blonde hair is pretty much an anomaly so I figured I should start incorporating these “olive-oil infusions” into my winter regimen. Scientists have found evidence that olive oil absorbs within the hair shaft and actually helps to “repair” the hair. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks and my hair seems to be surviving this cold frost we’ve been experiencing. Give it a try and share your thoughts below!

Olive Oil infusion recipe -
1. Add one 1/4 cup of olive oil to dry hair,
2. Cover with a plastic cap and sit under hooded dryer for a minimum of 30 minutes,
3. Wash and condition hair as usual.

ETA – Any moisturizing oil will do the trick! I mixed coconut, olive and avocado oil to my mix and love the results!

Happy New Year and God Bless!

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Nike Womens’ Half Marathon

Well, not really! I entered the lottery but recently found out that my entry was not accepted. I submitted with very little training and my only goal was to obtain the coveted Tiffany finishing medal. Although I can barely run more than three miles straight, I was going to give it my all just to get my grubby hands on that medal! But all is not lost, the Rock n Roll Marathon will be coming to my area and I will continue my training to participate. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately and apparently I’ve been eating – I’m not really a fan of Thanksgiving – because I noticed my pants have been fitting a bit snug! So in addition to my marathon training, I decided to continue my attempt to follow incorporate my weight lifting into my regimen. One of my favorite channels on Youtube is Fitness blender and the workout attached below is a great upper body workout. Hopefully this addition will help rid me of my holiday pounds!

Happy Holidays!

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Random Abs

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I haven’t tried this yet but I stumbled on this new site via Hairgetskinky.com titled Randomabs. Randamabs provides you with a daily ab exercise to help battle everone’s favorite trouble spot- the abdominal area.-

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